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Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Phone #25300
Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Phone

Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Phone

KX-NT400 - KX-NT400 - Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Telephone with Large Color Touch Screen

Panasonic KXNT400 Large Color Touch-Screen IP Phone

Calls Screen

  • Shows calls currently connected and provides functions that can be used for each call
  • Provides features such as record a conversation, make a conference call, call park, and call transfer

Contacts Screen

  • You can easily reach your contacts through this screen
  • You may search for a contact
  • Place a call to that contact through the touch screen
  • Chat with instant message feature
  • Add, edit, and delete contacts

Camera Screen

  • Camera Viewer Screen work with your Panasonic IP Cameras from the KX-HCM Series or the BL-C Series
  • You may access features such as zoom, tilt and pan, view preset, touch and centering
  • You may also monitor your doorphone and activate your door opener
  • You may view still picture recording and viewing
  • Directory Integration
  • Register and Delete Network Cameras

Portal Screen

  • Allows users to access the internet from the KXNT400 Touch Screen
  • Navigate internet with a stylus pen
  • Key features include a home screen button
  • Drop down menu from up to 50 website URLs
  • Make a telephone call from the portal screen

Main Screen- Users can access features from this screen such as:

  • Presence Settings- Available, In a Meeting, Home for the Day, Out to Lunch, etc
  • Call Forward Settings
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Time Display
  • Voicemail- New Message Waiting
  • Missed Calls Log
  • Feature Key
  • Application Lock
  • Ringer off Setting
  • Mute
  • Speakerphone
  • Bluetooth Module

Call Log Screen provides information such as:

  • Incoming Calls
  • Outgoing Calls
  • Missed Call Log
  • Make a call from your call list of incoming, outgoing and missed calls
  • Add a contact to your Personal Directory
  • Display details of contacts
  • View saved images from a Network Camera

Chat Screen allows users access to the following features:

  • Send and Receive Text based Messages
  • Use software keyboard or 12 keys on phone keypad for entering alphanumeric characters
  • Store up to 2000 Messages

Options Screen provides setting and maintenance features such as:

  • Allow users to change key features
  • Change Password
  • Change Display
  • Call Alerts and Pop-ups
  • Dial Number
  • Change Language
  • Administrators can access the network, directory server, dial modification, maintenance and programming

Additional Features:

  • 48 Self Labelling Programmable Soft Keys-No Desi Paper Labels Required, Key Features Show on the Screen
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Built-in Headset Jack
  • Easy Navigation Key
  • 2nd Ethernet Port- Allows Computer and Phone to Share one Cable Run
  • Power over Ethernet with Addition of POE Switch

Panasonic KX NT400 Large Color Touch-Screen IP Phone

Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Phone a high-end IP Telephone with large color touch screen interface and built in Communication Assistant software.

Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Network Telephones Graphical User Interface (GUI) consists of multiple screens for accessing a variety of key features:

  • Calls
  • Contacts
  • Camera
  • Portal
  • Main
  • Call Log
  • Chat
  • Options

Software Compatibility:

  • Release of NCP500 compatible with NT400 phone - Release 2.0
  • Release of NCP1000 compatible with NT400 phone - Release 2.0
  • Release of TDE100 compatible with NT400 phone - Release 3.0
  • Release of TDE200 compatible with NT400 phone - Release 3.0
  • Release of TDE600 compatible with NT400 phone - Release 3.0

Part Number: KX-NT400

Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Phone


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